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When you think of a rental unit remodel, some people might expect boring and basic. That is NOT the case with this remodel completed by the talents of Ethos Carpentry, who continue to surprise us with their bold selections, yet timeless designs.

Our team got the opportunity to get creative and give options where the space could be designed utilizing color. A variety of blue hues were used throughout the condo, in both bathrooms, the open kitchen and the coffered ceilings.

The glass mosaic used in this shower was so new to the market we didn’t even have samples in our showroom yet! We knew it was launching soon, so we reached out to our partners at Sonoma Tilemakers to have them rush ship us some samples to show the client. As suspected, it was a hit. Now, how to pull it all together and create visual interest with the layout.

The mosaic chosen here has a unique shape, that allows you pair colors together to create a pattern of your choosing. Here we helped select the soft blue hue with a lovely crisp white and gave the space a two-tone vibe. By “overlapping” the colors, the design developed a pair of stripes down the center giving the space a modern twist. On the shower floor, they dotted the blue with pops of white to give a little playful touch. To ground the room, and add a little drama, a dark blue and white hexagon with a random pattern was used on the room’s floor. The results are a unique and uplifting space anyone would enjoy starting their day in.

Sustainability is in the back of everyone’s mind these days, but Sonoma Tilemakers focuses on it clearly. This mosaic is made of 98% post-consumer recycled glass. The line was designed to give a modern meets traditional feeling with shapes and colors that make a statement or sooth the soul. This glass is highly durable, easy to clean, and suitable for any space in the home. With it’s full through-body color it makes it an ideal selection for all the wear and tear you can throw at it.

Don’t be afraid to be bold with your color choices. Show off who you are with your home interiors. After all, it’s your space, make it your own.

Check out more of our glass options and customizable capabilities by browsing through our Products pages. Ready to get moving on your next project? Set up an appointment and let us help you develop your vision and create your own personalized one-of-a-kind space.

Builders: Ethos Carpentry

Photographer: Peter G. Morneau