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Concrete + Terrazzo Tile

Concrete + Terrazzo Tile

Cement tile provides unique color, shape, and pattern opportunities. It’s created with pigments in the top layers, which means any surface damage is hardly noticeable or can be buffed out. It does require proper sealing to protect it from moisture and staining and is suitable for floors or walls.

Concrete and terrrazzo tile display

Concrete + Terrazzo Tile Selection



Concrete tiles are made from sand and cement and contain aggregates like gravel. They typically have a through body coloring and can have unique texturing on the surface. Cement tiles are made from sand and cement and contain additives like marble powders. Cement tiles are made by pressing colored pigments into the top layers of the cement base, giving them a smoother more consistent color on the surface. 

Concrete tiles are much stronger than cement tiles and can be used outdoors even in freeze/thaw conditions. Cement tiles should only be used in interior applications. Both are suitable for most of your home applications including wet spaces with proper sealing. Always refer to manufacturer’s recommendations.

Terrazzo tile is a composite material made with chips of marble, stone, shell, glass or other suitable materials and set into a cement or epoxy binder. 

Terrazzo tile can be used in all areas of your home including wet locations. Always refer to manufacturer’s recommendations.

Concrete, Cement, or Terrazzo tiles should be regularly mopped with clear water. A capful of liquid wax may be added to the water to improve the tiles’ natural sheen. Never use acid to clean the tiles as they will damage them. 

Do not use any acids or alkalis to clean tiles. Use a PH neutral cleaner and fine sandpaper to remove any stains or residues. Do not allow water or other liquids to spot, pond, or ring on the surface of the tiles. If desired, buff the tiles with the floor polisher and white pad using a back-and-forth motion. This will give your tiles an added shine and can be done as often as you’d like.

There are different grades of penetrating/impregnating sealers, therefore the useful life and price will differ between a low quality and high-quality sealer. You may need to reapply the sealer on an annual basis depending on the sealer quality, traffic patterns, and maintenance routine. Some sealers have multiple year warranties for useful life. Refer to the manufacturer warranty, technical & product information for specific details on product installation, useful life, and product applications (including any warnings) before use.

Old Port Specialty Tile recommends Dry Treat Brand Stain Proof Original™ for sealing of concrete tile. This is a permanent impregnating sealer and can be purchased from an Old Port Specialty Tile representative. 

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