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Terra Cotta Tile

Terra Cotta Tile

Terra Cotta is the oldest form of ceramic tile and literally translates to baked earth. Its signature characteristic is its red body which gives it a warm tone. It is hand-made and can be hand-painted. Terra Cotta has a natural rustic feel no matter the finish.

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Terra cotta tiles can be used in most applications of your home. Some, like hand painted options may not be suitable for wet locations and should be installed at least six inches above any area where there could be standing water. They would also need to be sealed to prevent water from penetrating it. You will always want to refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for the best applications.

Yes, due to the natural pigments in Terra Cotta UV rays from sunlight can fade and cause discoloration to some terra cotta options.

Terra Cotta & Brick in its natural state is porous, and for this reason it needs to be sealed for it to be durable and last longer. Once sealed, it’s very easy to clean by mopping with a mild cleaner.

Use a PH neutral cleaner to remove any stains or residues. Do not allow water or other liquids to spot, pond, or ring on the surface of the tiles. 

Remember that you should sweep or vacuum floor areas prior to cleaning to remove any dust or debris. Routine cleaners should never contain hazardous or polluting products including, but not limited to acids or ammonia. Acids can damage the grout and the glazed surface of the tile, and ammonia can discolor the grout.

Terra Cotta can be waxed to add shine. Once clean, clear, and dry, a new wax can be used on it. Some waxes can be applied by hand and buffed with a cloth until smooth and even. Others will require the use of professional buffing machines.

There are different grades of penetrating/impregnating sealers, therefore the useful life and price will differ between a low quality and high-quality sealer. You may need to reapply the sealer on an annual basis depending on the sealer quality, traffic patterns, and maintenance routine. Some sealers have multiple year warranties for useful life. Refer to the manufacturer warranty, technical & product information for specific details on product installation, useful life, and product applications (including any warnings) before use.

Old Port Specialty Tile recommends Miracle Products for regular sealing of your tile. These products can be purchased at our store. If you have questions regarding which products are appropriate for use in your tile installation, please ask a sales representative. 

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