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Throughout this home, designer Samantha S. Pappas played with the simplicity of the line. From one point to another, lines create connections and are surprisingly expressive and graphic even on a small scale.

The kitchen backsplash selection was chosen for the subtle lines in this handmade ceramic tile which creates unique texture that changes with the choice of color glaze. From our partners at Pratt & Larson ceramics out of Portland, Oregon, the texture is first pressed into wet clay. When glazed, the colors pool into the pressed areas creating high color variations that will differ from tile to tile. Every piece is handmade to order just for you, which is why we love this company. You can get this linear texture and many others, in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, all of which are available in over 200 colors to select from! While that may seem daunting, their unique color palettes help narrow down the selections with Watercolor (Crackle), Craftsman (Matte), and Gloss, which has high saturation and vibrant color options.  While that may seem daunting, rest assured our talented team are here to guide you through the selection process every step of the way.

In the home’s primary bathroom, this jewel glass mosaic from Akdo was selected for its color variation in subtle grey on grey hues. The classic herringbone layout, while simple in form, provides movement as the light dances off the glass tile. Glass tile is a great wall covering option because it reflects light in the space creating new highlights and shadows you might not find in ceramics. There are so many different types of glass tile options, from thin jewel glass used for pops of color and intricate mosaics, to recycled glass made from post-consumer materials like wine or soda bottles.

If you’ve been inspired by this collaboration and are ready to get your next project started, set up an appointment to come visit us in our Showroom and explore all the wonderful tile options available and see more of these beautiful custom products.

Designer: Samantha S. Pappas

Photography By: Courtney Elizabeth Media