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Just outside the city, nestled in a quiet suburban neighborhood, this whole home was designed using a neutral color pallet and soft textures, creating a cohesive flow and a relaxing retreat.

We start our tour in the home’s primary bathroom. A curb-less shower lends way to a large format parquet floor. This porcelain tile has the charm of old floorboards with its rustic effect, but in a modern material that will stand the test of time. The shower walls, covered in Bianco Carrara marble, finish the timeless feel with this classic tile selection. Known for its soft white background and grey veining, these unique aspects and the true beauty of this Italian marble are on full display with the use of larger format tiles.  

The guest bathroom takes on a moodier palette with a dark yet cooling blue grey Zellige brick. These terra cotta tiles were set vertical for a more modern layout. Paired with another pop of Carrara marble for the niche, this shower has an old world feel while keeping the cohesion with its material choices.

Finally, we conclude our tour with the kitchen backsplash. The terra cotta material choice continues into the kitchen, but this time a Moroccan mosaic was selected for its intricate pattern and color variation. The uneven texture of the mosaic plays with the natural light that spills into the space.

Aside from the stunning visuals these materials possess, all the mediums were selected with purpose.

The terra cotta tiles are handmade by artisans in Morrocco and are known for their perfect imperfections due to their low temperature firing. They have high color variation in their glazes and emphasize the beauty in geometry with their mosaic designs.

Marble tiles are durable, natural, and pure. Not only is marble a gorgeous choice, but it also gives an atmosphere of grandeur to your space.

Porcelain tiles are chosen for their resistance to stains, chips, and scratches. It is great for wet areas, and requires less maintenance, which means more time in the soaking tub.

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Designer: Samantha S. Pappas Designs

Photography: Courtney Elizabeth Media