Tile Care Maintenance Guide

Maintaining Your Investment

Tile Care and Maintenance Guide for The Many Types of Tile


Daily Tile Care
  • What Products should you use for cleaning and sealing of your tile?
  • Should you mix cleaning and sealing products from different manufacturers?
  • What you must do before applying any cleaning or sealing product on
  • your tile?


Grout Care
  • What brands do we recommend for grout Installations?
  • How to avoid permanent stains and/or cracks?
  • How to get perfect grout color consistency – whether installed by a novice or experienced pro?
  • What are the differences in care of cementitious grouts vs epoxy grouts?
  • Do you need to seal or glaze your grout?
  • Will sealing change the color of your grout?
  • How long should you  wait after installation before grout can be sealed?
  • What is the difference between a low quality and high quality sealer. How often should you reapply grout sealer?
  • Does sealant guarantee against surface build-up or
  • discoloration of the grout?
  • How often does grount need to be cleaned?
  • What should and shouldn’t  you use to clean your grout?


Natural Stone
  • What is the right maintenance program for stone vs traditional ceramic tile?
  • Can cleaners stain, damage or dull stone?
  • What you should and shouldn’t use to clean stone surfaces?
  • Does natural stone need to be sealed and how often should it be sealed after installation


Ceramic & Porcelain Tile
  • How should you clean ceramic and porcelain tile?
  • What you should and shouldn’t use to clean ceramic and porcelain tile?
  • What types of ceramic and porcelain tiles do and do not require sealing?
  • Should grout joints should be sealed on ceramic & porcelain tile applications?
  • What is crazing and why should you be aware of it?
Terra Cotta, Pavers, and Brick
  • Do  terra cotta, pavers, and brick tiles need to be sealed in order for it to be
  • durable and last longer. How should you clean terra cotta, pavers, and brick tiles?
  • Does UV rays from sunlight fade and cause discoloration?
  • How can you add shine to brick and terra cotta?


Concrete/Encaustic Tile
  • What brand do we recommend for concrete tile sealer?
  • How should you clean and how often should you clean your cement tiles?
    What you should and shouldn’t use to clean concrete tile?
  • How to avoid spotting and ring marks on the surface of the tiles?
  • How do you give your concrete tile a shine?


Glass & Metal
  • Does glass tile require maintenance?
  • How should you clean frosted or matte glass?
  • How can you restore bronze tile that has aged or mellowed with time?
  • How can you preserve the color (patina) of the bronze tile?
  • What types of cleaners will remove the patina?


For further maintenance information please speak with your sales representative