Design Service

Floor plans and elevation drawings are the language of the design and construction industry.  Old Port Specialty Tile is able to create detailed and professional layouts to help convey the necessary information required for ease of project understanding. Do you have an architect or designer you’re working with? They can send us CAD files of the space and we can plug in the tile layouts for streamlined communication.

For those who cannot easily visualize a concept from a two dimensional plan or elevation, we are able to create lifelike 3D renderings. Old Port Specialty Tile is proud to offer the use of the latest technologies in the design world as a tool to better develop a finish product. Take comfort in making your long lasting tile decisions after seeing a clear representation of what your future space will be.

Tile can be a very versatile material to create one-of-a-kind works of art in your home. With access to a variety of talented artisans, Old Port Specialty Tile can develop unique and spectacular tile artworks. Starting with a vague concept or an inspirational photograph, we’ll choose the best materials, colors & textures to best create a statement piece worthy of a museum gallery.

Here are a few examples of our Vision Development Process