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Selecting the Perfect Tile

Let’s face it, as you search for the perfect material for your home projects the choices can be overwhelming, especially tile options. First you have to look at different types of material; natural stone, porcelain, ceramic, glass or metal. Then choose a color from endless tones and finishes and after that look through all the shapes that are available! The days of tiles being available in only squares are over! Ok decision overload!

AKDO, one of Old Port Specialty Tile’s exclusive lines, has given us a way to solve this overwhelming issue by creating series of tile that all work together! AKDO offers a large variety of beautiful natural stones, ceramics, porcelains and glass series that are interchangeable within their line. Their colors are consistent throughout each series of tile. They have blended their glass and stone series together to create stunning mosaics for their Eternity line. Essentials, a simple subway series color palette inspired Impressions, a brand new line that introduced textures, a huge and ever growing part of our industry.

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