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Professional jobsite measurements are crucial for acquiring the correct pieces and quantities for any tile project. Old Port Specialty Tile project managers take the time and pay close attention to detail necessary to provide the most accurate figure possible. Running short on material or incorrect parts to the puzzle can add to the timeline of a project when you’re in the home stretch.

While projects are on-going, it’s important to keep an eye on things. Our project managers make a point to visit job sites to ensure everything is moving along as expected. From correct preparation methods, precise tile layout specifications, to unexpected real life quirks, being proactively involved in the installation process takes the pressure off of homeowners and contractors alike.

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Old Port Specialty Tile project managers work hard to make frequent job site visits and to be readily available if a question arises. However, all our installers are provided with thoroughly detailed sets of installation paperwork to supply clear and concise particulars of what the job entails. Printed directions, comprehensive lists of materials, meticulous drawings and photographs ensure our installers know exactly what is expected.