tile from the titanic

Tile Inspiration From The Titanic

The Portland Science Center is hosting the Titanic Artifact Exhibit until the fall of 2016. A featured artifact recovered from the wreck in 1987, 75 years after the tragic sinking, are tiles from the 1st class bathrooms and swimming pool.

The tiles were manufactured by Villeroy & Boch, a company still in business today. The octagon with square dot pattern was produced from 1886 to the early 1920’s. The back stamp on each tile indicates that they were produced around 1910, perfect timing for a ship that was completed in May 1911. Because the tile was being used in wet areas the mosaic pattern on the surface was to provide slip resistance.  Similar to encaustic tile (concrete) they were approximately 1” thick, whereas modern day tile is 3/8”

Villeroy & Boch 7” Octagon 3” Dot white with blue outline Titanic tile

Villeroy & Boch 7” Octagon 3” Dot white with blue outline Titanic tile

A 1st class bathroom on Titanic

titanic-bathroom tile

The floor is slightly visible. Notice the number of sinks in the vanity. It was very rare to have a double sink, only the finest luxuries aboard Titanic.

bathroom claw foot tub titatnic

The luxury ship offered its 1st class passengers with tubs in their bathrooms. Notice the W.S.L. bathmat standing for “White Star Line”, the British shipping company who owned the famous RMS Titantic. The floor is very visible in this photograph and is just stunning.

Picture of Titanic’s full size pool.


Same tiles used as in the bathrooms. The mosaic pattern to help with wet feet as the passengers enjoyed a dip.

A modern day rendering of Titantic II

A near perfect replica of the original White Star Line masterpiece, gives us the opportunity to see how the ship’s interior would have looked in color!