I joined this amazing group of talented people here at Old Port Specialty Tile in the summer of 2017. I’m so excited about the opportunity to continue my work with tile in the same beautiful state I grew up in. There is something very special about walking into a restaurant, a home or a business and seeing the stunning art of tile created through successful collaboration with the finest designers, architects and homeowners. It is an honor and a commitment I take with me on every job.
If you were to ask my family where my love of design comes from, they would tell you that I was known for rearranging my mother’s furniture at night when everyone was asleep, fluffing pillows and adding color. I have to admit, I loved seeing the excitement on their faces in the morning.
My husband and I live in our lake house here in Maine. It’s a very peaceful place where we enjoy sharing our time with family, friends and all our puppies. When not at home or working you may see me on my bike or a spin class. I also try to squeeze in a bit of travel so I can stay current with the beautiful world around me.

“Inspire innovative interior design. Combine design excellence with a timeless quality paying attention to the client’s needs as well as desires.”“

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